US Navy /Lennar Mare Island

Commercial bussing and termination


US Navy High Voltage Panels This large, 3000-amp-plus, 480-volt system is located on Mare Island in Vallejo. This was one of the US Navy’s submarine development sites, which is now controlled by Lennar Mare Island.

Berkeley Electric was asked to design and install a sub-metering system at building #112 that could read the power usage of the area controlled by Home Depot for employee training. Current transformers, also known as CTs, were used to make the current readings.

The pictures at the top and bottom-middle show the 6-750kcmil conductors for each phase of this system. The picture on the right is the front of the conductor pull-section. Mare Island Power is the power company and the power meter is the one in the middle of the panel board. The other two meters are for amperage and voltage readings.

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