Commercial Service


Commercial Service

Our commercial service serve the business owners, builders and property management companies of San Francisco’s East Bay. We take pride in helping local entrepreneurs who use electricity to create jobs and make our local economy prosper.
Below are some examples of our commercial services.

Commercial breaker panelIndustrial Main Panel commercial serviceElectric motor

Our Commercial Services

  • City of Berkeley
  • City of Hercules
  • ION Systems
  • US Navy/Lennar Mare Island
  • Main/sub panel upgrades
  • Lighting/electrical upgrades
  • Fluorescent/recessed/LED lighting
  • Security lighting/motion detectors/timers
  • Power for new computer systems/large copiers
  • Energy-efficient lighting, including retrofitting of existing lighting
  • Trouble-shooting and repairs
  • Main/sub-panel upgrades
  • Tenant improvements
  • Power for heating/air conditioning
  • Lighting design
  • Bus bars/breakers
  • 480V/240V/3-phase
  • Contactors/controls
  • Magnetic/electronic starters
  • Fuses/circuit breakers
  • Safety inspections/testing
  • Code and insurance corrections
  • Motors/replaced
  • Wire tracing/detection
  • Solar Power